Debt Consolidation Benefits

Debt consolidation can provide many benefits to consumers trying to regain their financial footing and stability. Upon enrollment in our credit consolidation program, the benefits are real and immediately placed into action to eliminate the possibility of further delinquency or undue stress. The benefits may not be the same depending on who your creditors are, but each will afford you certain concessions that will make your debts easier to handle. Your debt counselor will be able to specifically advise you of the benefits you can expect while enrolled. Here are some of the benefits our current credit consolidation clients enjoy:

A Single Monthly Payment
You will no longer have the sometimes trying task of paying separate bills each month. The credit card consolidation program combines all of the accounts you supply us with into one monthly payment. You submit a single payment which the office then disburses to your individual creditors. Your payment due date, chosen by you, will be the day of the month that is most convenient for you. Your program is custom built, for you, around this date.

Reduced Interest Rates
The current interest rates on your unsecured debts will be substantially reduced. This allows more of each monthly payment to be applied toward principal instead of toward interest. Each individual creditor reduces interest at a different rate and your counselor will notify you of the new rates for each account. Your balances will be reduced faster than if you were maintaining them on your own.

Re-aging Of Accounts
When an account is past due, or delinquent, creditors usually demand full payment of past due amounts to bring the account current. Re-aging the account marks the account current without payment of the delinquent amounts. This means that your account will be reported as current, and will stay current, as long as you keep making your payments through our office. This benefit saves you money on late fees and interest, but also is an important first step in rebuilding your credit file.

Waived Late And Over Limit Fees
If your bills are past due, you are probably being charged late fees and over limit fees. By joining our credit consolidation program late and over limit fees will be erased.

Long Term Benefits
Unlike introductory offers, the benefits we secure for you are long term. They apply for the entire period that you are enrolled in one of the programs.

Shorter Repayment
Most clients enrolled in one of the credit card consolidation programs are able to pay off their debts within 48 to 60 months.

These debt consolidation programs were designed to help consumers, like you, that are in need of financial relief. All of the benefits we arrange on your behalf last as long as your enrollment. We are here to help you decide whether our program is right for you and, if so, support you while you accomplish the goal of eliminating your debts.

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