The Importance of Saving

An important part of every budget is the ability to save money. In general, we recommend that a minimum 10% of your net income be applied toward some form of savings. If your budget cannot handle this percentage we recommend considering a different amount as long as some money is saved each month. In any ten year period an average of seventy-five percent of families will experience a major financial crisis. You may feel that you are in good shape now and do not need to prepare for emergencies, but this is completely untrue. The unexpected can come at any time, in any form. Loss of a job, reduction in hours at work, illness, or divorce are just some examples of the causes of financial problems that can adversely affect one's current standard of living.

Be Prepared
We advocate financial preparedness. Experts recommend that all consumers should be able to survive for a minimum of three months without income while looking for new employment or recovering from an accident or illness. Saving now for emergencies can prevent major financial disasters in the future.

America Saves is a nationwide campaign involving many nonprofit, corporate, and government agencies created to help individuals and families save and build wealth and financial security. Providing information, advice, and encouragement, and support, the counselors will help all those recovering who strive to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, save for a home, save for an education, or save for retirement.

Always Pay Yourself First
We advocate taking a set amount of your paycheck before paying any bills and putting it in savings. If possible, user your employer's payroll deduction plan to build savings. If this money is taken out first and from each paycheck, you'll be surprised to find that the money won't be missed. Plan your budget around the remaining income.

Adjust Your Budget to Accommodate Saving
Tracking daily expenditures for a period of time is an invaluable tool for finding ways to cut back on expenses to "find" money for savings. You may be surprised to find out how much is wasted out of each paycheck without even thinking about it. Track your daily spending by carrying a small note pad for a week. Write down every cent that you spend. At the end of the week review your Accommodate spending for the week You will undoubtedly find dozens of expenditures that can be cut to provide money for savings.

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