Debt Consolidation Programs

The consolidation programs, also known as a debt management plan or DMP for short, are designed to replace debt consolidation loans for consumers who, like you, are wanting to consolidate credit card debt because of them having a difficult time keeping up with their financial obligations. Using a DMP, your unsecured debts will be totalled and your payments will be consolidated into a single more affordable, lower interest, monthly payment. This monthly payment will be made to the office in the amount necessary to satisfy all of your creditors. The office will disburse the individual payments to your creditors. We know that you do have other monthly obligations, so you will to choose the day of the month that your payment will be due. This allows you to schedule your payment so it does not interfere with your other monthly obligations. While enrolled in one of the specialized debt consolidation programs, you will receive interest rates that are lowered so that you will be able to pay off your debts in less time than you could on your own making it easier for you to handle the many other stresses in your life and budget. With your new repayment term you will be able to set other long term financial goals. If you choose, you can pay extra each month, without penalty, lowering your debts even faster. Your eligibility to consolidate credit card debt in one of the credit consolidation programs will determined during your FREE counseling session with your personal certified professional credit counselor.

Along with consolidation of your unsecured debts into a single monthly payment, the debt management programs will provide you with financial education tools designed to help you avoid making the wrong financial choices in the future.

The Certified Counselors have been trained to work with you and your creditors to find the best possible solution for your situation. They have developed a well established working relationship with your creditors that allows the office to secure numerous benefits on your behalf. Because they have worked with your creditors many times before, they will often offer much lower interest rates than could be secured with bad credit through personal or homeowner debt consolidation loans offered at conventional banking institutions.

When your payment arrives at the office each month, they immediately distribute the funds to your respective creditors according to the terms that have been arranged with them. The office will disburse funds on a daily basis so there is never the possibility of accruing late fees and extra interest. You will still receive monthly statements from your creditors and these will reflect payments made through the office as well as your lowered interest rates. Only those creditors that are authorized will be allowed access to your financial information.

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