Credit Consolidation

Because we value our clients' privacy we cannot divulge details about the situations of any specific program enrollee. We can, however, tell you that the vast majority of all people who turn to us for credit consolidation assistance fall into one of four major categories. Below are general profiles of budget planning clients that fall into these categories. If any of these examples are similar to your situation we recommend that you speak with a credit card consolidation counselor or use our online application today. If you are unsure, let one of our professional counselors help you decide if you are in need of our services.

The Borrowing-from-Peter-to pay-Paul Game
You're still up to date on your bills but it's a struggle and you're not sure you will be next month. Sometimes you have to shortchange one creditor to pay another until you approach your credit limits. You try to prioritize your debts each month but are finding it difficult to do. Some creditors get paid each month and some, well you just can't. You juggle the creditors each month, paying one this month and another next month in an attempt not to fall too far behind with any one of them. Because your payments are sporadic and you have high balances, you find it difficult to get a debt consolidation loan or to transfer balances. You don't even want to open your mail because you never know what to expect when each month's bills arrive.

The Minimum Payment Blues
You aren't behind in you bill payments, but you're only able to make the minimum payment each month on several credit cards with high interest rates. You're stretching your budget but see very little change in the debt balance each month. Maybe you transferred some of your debt to a credit card with a low introductory rate, with the good intention of paying it off more quickly, but were only able to make the minimum payment on that card too. At this snail's pace it could take you thirty years or more to pay off all your debt. It's depressing. You need a way out.

The Past Due Trap
You may not be sure how, but you've fallen behind with your monthly credit payments. Creditors are calling you constantly to demand payment and to threaten collection action. Every month late and over-the-limit fees are added to your already too high bills. The payment that you couldn't make in the first place gets bigger and bigger each month. Your credit report is taking a beating and you may be considering bankruptcy.

Increased Minimum Payment
It happens all the time. Your creditors have changed their terms and doubled your monthly payment. What was relatively easy before is now impossible. Your carefully planned budget flies out the window because your income doesn't cover the new cost. You can no longer make the minimum payment.

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